Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Kambanar saw when he recaptured Madurai back from the Barbarians

What was viewed by Kambanar
Around 1330 when the Muslims started their invasion of Thamizh Kingdoms and started their plunder/pillage/massacre, Madurai was ruled by the King Valal Vilitturangam Parakrama Pandyan. This King abandoned Madurai n and sought refuge in kaliyarkovil, when these marauders came and the Sthanigargals of the Madurai Meenakshi Samedha Sundareshwarar temple feeling helpless decided to protect the holy Sundareshwarar Lingam and Meenakshi  Amman from the marauding barbarians and hence closed the garbha graham after covering the main Sivalingams and Meenakshi Amman with sand erected a parrot cage and completely sealed the entrance. Then they placed this  (see picture) duplicate Lingams in the front which the barbarians tried to break with their axes. For 48 long years this temple had no poojas performed and when the Kambanar Army captured Madurai from the barbarians and drove them out they brought the  Sthanigargal back opened the main Sanctum removed the sand and found the main Lingams still emitting  bsandal fragrance and two silver lamps were glowing! Since that day the rituals in the temple has not stopped.
{Taken from the Chronicle of this very Holy Temple}

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