Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Hindu : Columns / Sainath : The Empire strikes back — and how!

The Hindu : Columns / Sainath : The Empire strikes back — and how!

The Hindu
The original report on ‘paid news' of the Press Council of India sub-committee is relegated to the archive. Then too, it does not even appear on the PCI's website.


  1. Can I guess the names?
    1. Times Of India.
    2. Deccan Chronicle
    3. Hindustan Times.
    4. Tehelka
    5. Hitavada
    6. Statesman
    7. Telegraph
    8. India Today
    9. The Week
    And from the Visual Media
    10. NDTV
    11. Times Now
    12. CNN-IBN
    13. Headlines Today
    14. Aaj Tak
    15. Sun Group.
    I have not mentioned the channels/papers run by political parties.

  2. I wrote to the Hindu thus (least expecting it to be published):
    "Another scourge of the Indian Media and even worse than Paid News is (ulterior) Motivated views passing of as News. Does any Newspaper in India really pass this test?"

    Little did The Hindu and it's present Editor were aware that the barb was directed only at them. Since N. Ram took over, The Hindu has lost it's objectivity and only those spin doctors who echo Ram's (Marxist) views find place in the columns and has become notorious for planting highly biased motivated views as News. Sainath seems to be an exception atleast in this article

    Recollect the elections they predicted Jaya to lose (because she aligned with BJP?) by a huge margin but won hands down. And this guy is preaching?