Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some Amusement

Here is another instance of missionary deceit inflicted on hapless pagans (and a rare riposte from a pagan). 
"Several Indian scholars have recently established beyond a shadow of a doubt the existence of early Indian Christianity from the days of the first apostles. South India had excellent trade relations with the Roman empire evidenced by the Roman coins found in excess in various parts of South India. When there are trade relationships, cultural and religious exchanges take place. When we study the development of religion and worship in India, before and after Christ, we can see that Christ and Christianity totally transformed religion and worship in India from the first century AD. Saivism first developed as a monotheistic doctrine and Siva was first called Isa which is the name for Jesus in the North. The avatar concept (God coming into the world in the form of a man) in Vaishnavism is the influence of Christianity.
"Hindus in India consider Christianity as a foreign religion. However they do not realize how much early Indian Christianity has developed and molded their own religion, and, the revealed truths in their own faith point to Jesus Christ. I pray that we the Christians in India would take time to understand where the heart of every Hindu is, and, help guide them to The Truth in Christ Jesus by gently removing the barriers and obstacles without syncretism.

To this, Shri Sita Ram Goel of Voice of India publications replied in his inimitable manner:
"A street dog with running sores crawling with worms all over its body was watching a procession of high breed horses being taken to the King's court. After the procession had passed, this heap of stinking filth announced, 'Don't you know that I have fathered this prized progeny.' People had a big laugh. But no one kicked the dog lest it left some of the filth on their shoes. Harris reminds of that scene when he traces the Gita to that garbage - the Bible."

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