Thursday, August 5, 2010


Either Jefferson or Lincoln had described the journalist as "a disturber of the peace, a roiler of nations" How true of the coolie media in India?

Quoting Mr. S. Ramakrishnan:

"Here's a new word.
Lord (or Lady) Macoolie
Etymology: Hindi 
Date: 1638
: an unskilled laborer or porter usually in or from the Far East hired for low or subsistence wages.

Therefore, a coolie is one who carries another's burden, a porter.  A Macoolie carries Lord Macaulay's burden only, not that of anyone else, and tries to civilize his pagan neighbours as the great Lord planned.  The title "Lord" given to the Macoolie signifies that the fellow in question is accepted as a loyal coolie by Macaulay and elevated to the British peerage. Better not use the term coolies for such people and insult hardworking, inoffensive fellow Indians"

"Journalists can write anything they choose about India /Hindus without fear of retribution. (And many do just that!) But, as the case of the unhappy Daniel Pearl dramatically demonstrates, honest reporting on Pakistan can be a dangerous affair. Irrespective of whether the Inter-Services Intelligence or terrorists are at fault, Mr Pearl has been silenced quite effectively, has he not?"

I welcome everyone in this country (Bharat) to post their opinion on the characterless immoral class of people who sell themselves to the highest bidder They are otherwise known as Editors and journalists. As this Blog is exclusively to expose these criminals any views contrary are not welcome. Hence pseudo-secularists restrict your opinions to the official newspaper/TV channel blogs and keep praising those Macoolies there, you can get intoxicated on seeing your name in print! 

Please avoid expletives, only because it may invite libel. As Ram Jethmalini said the other day during his Press Conference "Some people are alive because it is illegal to shoot them"

For starters web references of articles that appeared in the very same newspapers would be given. I also invite bloggers to send their write-ups on the same subject and it will be published after scrutiny.  

Now, for what Swami Vivekananda said nearly a century ago:
"...One thing I would tell you, and I do not mean any unkind criticism. You train and educate and clothe and pay men to do what? To come over to my country to curse and abuse all my forefathers, my religion and everything. They walk near a temple and say, ‘You idolaters, you will go to hell’. But they dare not do that to the Mohammedans of India; the sword would be out. But the Hindu is too mild; he smiles and passes on, and says, ‘Let the fools talk’. That is the attitude. And then you, who train men to abuse and criticise, if I touch you with the least bit of criticism, with the kindest of purpose, you shrink and cry, ‘Don’t touch us; we are Americans. We criticise all the people in the world, curse them and abuse them, say anything; but do not touch us; we are sensitive plants’
The more things change, the more they remain the same.  How many articles on terrorism since 9/11?  How many quoted even a line of quran or hadith?

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